certification of the heating cables

Certification of the heating cablesCertification of the heating cables

Technitrace does all in its power to ensure the lasting quality of the various heating cables it produces. Tests made within the production plant meet with the requirements of the European standards, in particular with the EN 62395 standard concerning the production and the thermal and mechanical tests of the heat tracing systems  for industrial and commercial applications (see also American standard IEEE std 515.2011).

Technitrace delivers for each of its heating cable a certificate of compliance with the standards of production.

test quality ControlQuality Control

Technitrace has to its disposal various automated testing benches for the consistent control of the thermal stability of its
heating cables and the characteristics of the new semiconductors and materials in the production process.

CSTB Certification

A quality audit was made by the CSTB laboratory in Feb 2011 on the manufacturing plant in Toucy. They delivered a favourable technical response N°14/1261727 for the range of production of self regulating heating cables CABT and CAMT for applications of freeze protection of pipes and also for temperature maintenance of hot water (up to 80°C).

American standard IEEE std 515.2011

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